Don't drink and Vtec



monday down...four days to go

Aside from flopping on a final exam today, I'd like to talk briefly about the driver hell most experience with the latest windows operating systems; namely vista and windows 7.

Windows Vista, from what I heard, was TERRIBLE when it first came out due to the lack of drivers to make hardware function properly. I just experienced some of this crap myself tonight.

I recently inherited a decent HP d220 microtower with 2.2 Ghz intel VI processor and 1 gig ram. Not bad for an internet server-upper and typing machine. I windows 7'd it - no sound. GREAT I thought. NOW WHAT.

The first stop (as it should be) was HP's website. Windows 2000, XP, XP64 - NO vista or 7. As expected. After browsing the 'net, I decided that I'm screwed and I'd never hear sound for several months (if ever) UNTIL I noticed that certain posts dealt with the model number of the chip used on the motherboard. WOW! I thought this was super, especially because it made sense.

Instead of searching SoundMAX, I promptly changed the search query (after looking on my motherboard for the chip model #) from "SoundMAX windows 7 driver" to "AD1981B driver". Driverguide.com, after a few minutes of remembering my login, had just what I needed in one of the 29 results it produced. Upon telling windows 7 to search automatically in a folder that I pointed it to, and after ignoring a red warning box, VOILA; sound. Onto the next.



Finals this week. Very busy.

Linear Algebra
Analog Communications
Applications of Fields and Waves
Materials Science

Hopefully I do good! :D