website updates

So far, I have all the PIC microcontroller tutorial code pages linked. If anyone sees any errors, please do let me know. They were converted to HTML pages that show up as plain text for easy copy/paste. The next thing on the list is to post and organize all the other videos - of which there are many. This will take time; please be patient :)

new website, new tools

New website! Based on WordPress, it attempts to consolidate my online presence. It is here: http://www.paulfmcgowan.com/ One of my tools of the trade: Nikon d3100. This camera makes it basically impossible to take a bad picture. Simply set to auto and you get fantastic pictures every time. My favorite mode is macro (little flower icon) because you can take close-ups of little things. This was specifically useful for a tutorial on the AD7718 10-channel, 24-bit ADC breakout board I built for this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX_IBmq4WH4